Jessica Simpson’s The Price Of Beauty Reality Show

Jessica Simpson’s The Price Of Beauty Reality Show – It looks as if Jessica Simpson will be making her return to reality TV here soon. She made her first attempt at a reality television show 5 years ago, when she was on “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.” The show followed her and her newlywed husband, Nick Lachey, as they lived together in their new home that they purchased shortly after getting married. The show, much like their relationship, did not last long and the couple split after only being married for a couple of years. Since their split, Jessica Simpson has gone on to say that she has not spoken to Nick Lachey in years, and does not plan to.
Her previous show was popular mostly because of the antics of Simpson herself. She was known for being amazingly ignorant, and many considered her to be downright stupid. There was some speculation as to whether or not she was putting on an act. Her father even came out and said that she was not as ignorant as she appeared to be on TV, and that off screen she was a very intelligent girl who did not act that way at all.
Her new reality show which premiers Monday on VH1, is much different than the title may lead you to believe. The show will not be about Simpson’s daily routine, or how hard she has to work to maintain her perfect image. Instead, it will be about her life in general. The show will follow her as she travels to foreign countries and searches for what other countries find to be sexy and appealing in the opposite sex.
While the premise may be original, early reviews of the program have not scored it well. Jessica is just hoping that her newest reality TV show will last longer than her first.

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