Kendra Wilkinson True Hollywood Story On E!

Kendra Wilkinson True Hollywood Story On E! – Kendra Wilkinson, a popular reality star will reveal in the latest episode of E!’s True Hollywood Story that she had troubled teen years that were riddled with drug use, among other vices that have not yet been confirmed by Wilkinson or any other E! Network representatives. In the episode, it is said that Wilkinson will describe how she began using drugs when she was only thirteen years old, and how her habit would progress as she aged until she was using drugs “every minute, of every day.” This news comes as a surprise to many of her fans as she had never opened up about many of her past issues before, especially in a nationally syndicated television series.
The former Girl Next Door also tells E! that she spent several days in a psych ward after a drug binge. This was after Wilkinson took a “half dozen or so” pills at school, and was found passing out at the back of her class by her teacher. It was then that her mom checked her in to the psych ward in hopes that she would be able to get help for her drug addiction, or, at least, have the hospital take care of her in her drug induced state.
It is unclear when the E! True Hollywood Story special will be airing next, but Wilkinson said that she is happy to have gotten everything off of her chest about her troubled past. It is a past that many of her fans were not aware of, and a past that still bothers the 24 year old star to this day. It is unclear at this point if Wilkinson ever had to seek rehabilitation treatment in order to kick her habit when she was young, or if she was able to beat her addictions on her own.

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