Pretty Wild TV Show Cast On E! Entertainment Network

Pretty Wild TV Show Cast On E! Entertainment Network – Pretty Wild is an American television series that was broadcast on E! Entertainment Network. It is a show that has been steadily gaining in popularity since it first was announced, and has developed a cult following of individuals who had yet to see the show that can be compared to the recent success of Jersey Shore. The show follows three sisters, and shows them on their adventures through Hollywood, the city in which they live. The three daughters are named Tess Taylor, Alexis Neiers, and Gabrielle Neiers. The two Neiers siblings are the daughters of the famous underwear model, Andrea Neiers, who rose to popularity in the 1980’s for her racy underwear modeling.
Most of the footage that is used in “Pretty Wild TV Show” was filmed during the summer of 2009. The show made its first airing on March 14th, 2010. All of the girls on the show work full time as models, but have a healthy night life that is on full display in “Pretty Wild.” This show has gained some attention from many different media outlets because Alexis was arrested just after the taping of the pilot after being involved with a group of individuals that were planning on breaking into the homes of several prominent Hollywood stars. The stars include Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson and Orlando Bloom.
“Pretty Wild” has also received some less than favorable reviews from various programs that state that the series is “exploiting misguided youth”, while others have stated that it is only “fueling the reckless fire.” While the show may not be all that popular among the Hollywood elite due to the troubled pasts of the girls involved, it will no doubt be met with the watchful eye of the public, who usually are quite quick to check out the most controversial television.

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