Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars: Will She Get Eliminated?

After the most recent performance by Bristol Palin on ‘Dancing With the Stars’, many people are wondering whether or not the famous teen mom will make it through the next week without being eliminated. Although Palin has been at the bottom of the scoreboard for three weeks, she has been kept safe by her fierce fans, not to mention the fans of her “Mama Grizzly” mother, Sarah Palin.

When asked about the show, and how she felt about being safe, Palin said, “I’m just so thankful that they kept me another week and they see potential in me obviously. Hopefully, I can prove that I can be a performer.” She also said that she was extremely surprised that she had been kept safe and Florence Henderson had been eliminated instead of her.

There are now seven remaining couples, and they all must dance two routines tonight, including a rock-and-roll dance marathon. Many people are speculating as to whether or not Palin has what it takes to keep herself on the show and going strong. She and her partner Mark Ballas will have to perform extremely well, and must also make sure that they have enough fans to vote for them.

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    1. dwts fan says:

      Bristol did great. hope she can keep it up

    2. Lyn Main says:

      Give me a break-you must be blind!! Must be a Republican-this from a Canadian:-)

    3. elaine snyder says:

      Bristol Palin has no grace, is clumsy, I am disguested with the show, it is “fixed”, politics is playing a role in this and I will never watch the show again!!! How can you compare Brandy with Bristol??? You guys need your heads examined!!!!

    4. Tea Party .... For We are many says:

      That’s right libtards, let the meltdown commence…bwahahahaha

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