Cathy Cruz Marrero Fountain Lady (Walking And Texting Girl) Video: An Embarrasing Hit

Cathy Cruz Marrero became a YouTube hit last week. A mall surveillance video surfaced of Marrero falling into a fountain. She was strolling through Berkshire Mall in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania when she took her tumble.

Marrero told Pennsylvania’s 69 News that she “just wanted to roll up and stay home in bed for days.” Marrero is 49-years-old. The video of her has been seen by millions who have shared it on YouTube, Twitter, and FaceBook. She decided to let the media know how embarrassed she was.

Marrero told ABC’s “Good Morning America,” “I was actually texting a friend of mine from my church. I just said, ‘Let me text her back, text her back quickly.’” Despite Marrero’s attendance at church, she does have a bit of a past. She currently faces felony charges for theft by deception and receiving stolen property.

Police revealed that Marrero allegedly used the credit card of a woman she knows to make a series of purchases worth more than $4,000. She used the same credit card to make another $1,000 purchase at Target.

The felony charges were filed in October 2009, though Marrero has since vowed to pay back the money. This may limit her attempt to sue someone for the recent video.

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