Chris Medina American Idol Break Even Milwaukee Audition

Chris Medina who shared his very emotional story during the American Idol “Break Even” Milwaukee audition this evening has the fans of the show tearing up and the critics blasting the panel for using a sad situation for ratings.

Chris Medina who is twenty six years revealed to judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler that just two weeks before marrying his sweetheart/fiance Julia Ramos she was tragically involved in a car accident that left her with a terrible brain injury.

The ‘American Idol’ hopeful who performed “Break Even” by The Script went on to explain that he is Julia Ramos’ caretaker and eventually brought her in the room and introduced her to the world.

Medina who is from Illinois was of course given a ticket to Hollywood but as we stated before many people are asking why did the producers decide to show Medina’s brain damaged girlfriend?

Was the story too personal to share on live TV?

Do you think Medina has more changes of winning the show after sharing his emotional journey with the viewers who are also the voters?

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