Crystal Bowersox Come Together

Crystal Bowersox Come Together – Crystal Bowersox hasn’t failed to amaze the audience at all this year on American Idol. Being one of the top contenders Crystal came up nothing short of fantastic this week on the show. She sang her own version of the famous Beatles classic known as “Come Together.” She blew the audience as well as the judges clear away this Tuesday night. She sang in conjunction of playing her guitar showing that she can easily use an instrument to assist her. The judges were as astonished as was the audience and they really loved her vocals, the guitar, and her performance. Crystal Bowersox couldn’t have done it any better this week.

Casey James also stood out to the judges and the audience this week and is making an impact on American Idol. He sang John Lenon’s “Jealous Guy.” Both the judges and the audience were out of words by his performance and feel he is a top contender for American Idol as well. Well you can say all you want about the other contestants on the show but week after week Crystal Bowersox and Casey James have provided outstanding vocals and have showed their desire to win American Idol. So why should the both of them be the ones to make it to the American Idol top two? Well that’s up to your vote as well as everyone else who gets in on the action.

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