Keith Olbermann Returns

Keith Olbermann Returns – As mentioned earlier this week, Keith Olbermann was suspended from Countdown after violating policies within his employment by giving money to three different political campaigns which he wasn’t actually allowed to do without permission from employers. He has since thanked his fans for supporting him during his suspension in a letter that he had written to them. The letter is posted online if you would like to read it. It begins by thanking fans for their ground rattling support.

He went on to add thanks to fans for supporting him even though they may not share his political views. Although not actually saying it in the letter, Olbernmann made it clear that he would not be apologizing to MSNBC or NBC. He stated that the rule indicates that journalists may not openly support political candidates, but added that he was not aware of the rules before he made the donations. Olbermann was said to be returning to screens tonight, after his temporary suspension from the show.
What did you think of the return?

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