Mitt Romney On CNN, Praises Sarah Palin

Mitt Romney showed that he was a true gentleman or a brilliant politician during a recent interview on CNN.

Romney sat down with Piers Morgan to talk about the question that is on everybody’s mind at the moment- will the former governor run for President in 2012?

Of course he did not answer that question, the Mormon politician simply dodged it like he has done in numerous previous interviews with David Letterman, Barbara Jill Walters and Wolf Blitzer but he was ready to speak about another potential candidate- Sarah Palin.

When Morgan asked the former presidential candidate to share his thoughts on Mrs Palin, he had nothing but beautiful things to say about her. He said,

“I believe she is an extraordinarily powerful and effective voice in our party, that she has generated a great deal of support and attention, that she’d be great in a primary process. She’d bring attention to the process, and frankly, the more people we have on the stage in those debates talking about different ideas and different approaches, the better.”

The former Massachusetts governor who is currently promoting his new book conveniently entitled “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness,” was asked does he think he has what it takes to beat the former vice-presidential nominee in the upcoming Republican primary in 2012, he replied by, “I don’t know the answer to that.”

The politician who is very bad at hiding his presidential ambitions revealed that despite the fact that he is not thinking about a run for the White House at the moment, his wife on the other hand has high hopes of becoming first lady in the near future. He added,

“My wife thinks I should run.She’s absolutely committed. She’s saying, ‘You’ve got to run, you’ve got to have somebody who understands the world of the economy, small business, who can create jobs.’ She’s convinced I’ve got to run. But I have to look more broadly and say, ‘Alright, do I have a team necessary to do this?’ “

We are certain that Mr Romney is fully aware of the polls that say that while 24% of voters would pick him as their presidential nominee only of 19% would select the Tea Party darling to be their first female president.

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