Nicki Minaj SNL Skit: The Creep Video

If you weren’t watching Saturday Night Live last night, you missed one of the most captivating skits on the long-running comedy show in a very long time.

Hot new rapper Nicki Minaj was on set as the musical guest for this week’s show. Minaj joined The Lonely Island team of Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer in debuting a skit called “The Creep.”

In the skit, the comedians act out a club-like rap while dressed horribly in bad suits and with poor hygiene and a noticeable lack of social décor.

Minaj appears about halfway through in a bespectacled school-girl type outfit to cast her own brand of nerdiness to the mix. To add to the fun, celebrated movie director and pencil-thin-mustache aficionado John Waters appeared for an onscreen cameo.

In one of the more memorable moments of the skit, Minaj raps of the Creep dance craze, “Get your knees flexin’ and your arms T-Rexin’” as the nerdiness grows deep. Minaj had a good time filming as was evident in her performance.

After the show, Minaj told fans she had a great time working the “incredible” cast of SNL and even tweeted about her experience.

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      This was hilarious.

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