Oprah Without Makeup In OWN Preview

In a recent television interview Oprah Winfrey appeared without makeup and special lighting effects for fans to see what she looks like.

The talk show host who is 56 years old and still has a nice face showed her true looks in a bathtub interview where she talked about her future project.

The cameras were running as Winfrey took a bubble bath in her home, answering questions and showing that she is a real person like everyone else.

The video which was recently released is just part of the “Oprah Behind the Scenes” segment which is part of the OWN program that she is running to try to do something a little bit different with her show.

Winfrey said that she is close with all of her staff members that she works with, saying that they all get sick together and sometimes even their periods sync up.

While there will certainly be people that think Winfrey is revealing a little bit too much information about herself, there will always be big fans of the media queen that want to know more.

OWN will go going out to 85 million different homes across the country and the anticipation among Oprah fans is palpable, provoking a number of rumors and speculations as to what the new channel will be like.

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