Tila Tequila Attacked By Juggalos

Tila Tequila Attacked By Juggalos – A group of Juggalos (ICP fans) reportedly hurled objects at reality TV figure and Playboy model Tila Tequila, during the Gathering of the Juggalos, an annual concert held in Illinois.

Tila was there to perform, but as she walked on stage the gathered crowd, made on mainly of teenagers who like to dress in clown makeup and pretend to be hardcore, began to throw objects on stage, including rocks and bottles, many of which struck her in the face.

At first, she tried to continue performing, even after she had been hit several times and was bleeding. But after a time she was forced to flee the stage as the violence increased and there was fear for her safety.

She ran to her trailer, but she was followed by a mob of ICP fans, who smashed windows and surrounded her. Another performer, who is remaining anonymous due to fear for his own safety, confirmed the details.

Hardin Country Sheriff Tom Seiner said that she managed to escape, but not before they smashed the windows of her SUV, and tried to stop her from leaving the grounds.

Tila said via Twitter that she was planning on suing the organizers of the festival. In the meantime, ICP have released no statement about the incident.

A witness who was present at the time said that Tila had been unprepared and didn’t “understand the dynamic” with fans, though how that applies to people throwing glass and rocks at the performer before she had even taken the stage is anyone’s guess.

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    1. Heather kelly says:

      U left out the part where violent jay asked tila to please not play and that they would still pay her for it!u also forgot the part where the song she chose to sing the lyrics shes singing to upset the crowd more say ‘ile fuck up every bitch in the room’ theres no excuse for what happend to her.BUTu dont pravoke thousands of drunks there not in the right mind frame.she had ample opportunity to avoid making an angry intoxicated crowd beyond pissed.listen to her on stage.she thought that since shes got $ an shes a sex symbal shed force herself on the crowd & win em over.well look what a mess she made!!have u ever tried deeling w/one drunk??theres no resoning!noone deserves to be hurt it was WRONG!also not All juggalos are bad peaple.there music is underground so the only time they make it to the media is when the bad dirt comes out.from all us good juggalos sorry tila!!but tila u need to step back and look @ yourself & think maybe karma bit u in the ass hard.& of course your ganna milk it!

    2. postmortemlette says:

      You cant just walk in to a Juggalo show and expect to be respected. You have to earn it… I say she got what she deserved.

    3. InternetDude says:

      Have you ever listened to ICP? Tila coming up in there and acting hardcore is like asking for violence. Those fans are hardcore…period. As soon as they started throwing bottles she should have stopped her set and addressed the crowd. Instead she taunted them by saying she wasn’t going to leave.

      Bad crowd management, so it seems they gave her an ego check.

    4. JuggaletteKymbo says:

      To all the lo’s and lette’s that where at The Gathering, Whoop Whoop! And good job. To Tila, HA! MMFWCL

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