Wheel Of Fortune One Letter Win: Caitlin Burke

Caitlin Burke made history on Friday’s edition of Wheel of Fortune by solving a 27-letter, seven-word puzzle with the help of just one letter!

Burke baffled the audience and host Pat Sajak when she used the letter ‘L’ which lit up as the fourth letter in the fifth word to solve the following phrase :’I’VE GOT A GOOD FEELING ABOUT THIS’.

Asked how was she able to figure out the 27-letter phrase with one little clue, she replied laughingly :

‘I had a good feeling about it!’

Burke’s correct answer landed her a stay at a spa resort in Grenada, worth over $6,500 and she also made it in the history books by being the first contestant to be able to correctly solve a 27 letter puzzle with one tiny clue in the 30 years that the game show has been around.

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    1. Karli H. says:

      Wow! That is plain AMAZING. Caitlin must’ve had an awesome feeling about it!

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