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High On Knife Release Date: About, Gameplay, Reviews, Trailer!

High on Knife: A Comprehensive Review of the Latest DLC for High on Life High on Life, Squanch Games’ hit title, has been renowned for its engaging story and unique gameplay. Now, they’re back with High on Knife, a DLC that promises to keep the fun going. But does it measure up to the expectations set by the original? We’ve dived deep to bring you a detailed look.

How Long is the High on Knife Experience?

At the heart of any DLC, the primary concern is the gameplay length. For High on Knife, you’re looking at a neat 1.5 to 2-hour experience if you’re just gunning for the main plot. While some may argue that it’s quite short, the content-packed within this duration is refreshing and impactful. Set two years after the core game, the story takes you on a journey with Knifey, the melee weapon buddy, as he searches for a package on the mysterious planet Peroxis.

What’s the Main Story About?

DLCs are known for their unique storylines that branch off from the main game, and High on Knife doesn’t disappoint. Here, you’re set on a mission to help Knifey in two primary objectives: tracking down a package on planet Peroxis and reconnecting with his family. Your interactions with the planet’s inhabitants are both comical and intriguing. The culmination of this story is a showdown with an Amazon-like corporate entity – a climax that’s bound to leave an impression.

Is There More to Explore Beyond the Main Story?

Absolutely! Once you wrap up the main plotline, there’s the option to head back to the planet and wrap up any unfinished business. Players looking to milk every bit of content out of the DLC can add an extra hour to their gameplay. Whether you missed out on collectible packages, haven’t checked out the local sights, or are yet to become a Peroxosquash master, there’s plenty to dive back into. So, the choice to revisit is very much rewarding.

What Can Players Expect in the Endgame?

The DLC doesn’t just end abruptly. Once the main storyline concludes, players are teleported back to their main game hub – the house. From here, players have the option to revisit planet Peroxis. A quick rundown of the things you can tackle includes:

  • Hunting down all the collectible packages spread across the three zones
  • Exploring the local attractions
  • Mastering the local card game
  • Earning the title of Peroxosquash master
  • Racing against the swiftest slug on the planet

Is the High on Knife DLC Worth the Price Tag?

This is the million-dollar issue. The worth of an DLC is subjective, based on the player’s involvement with the game in general and what they expect of the add-on. The engaging storyline as well as the post-game content and the challenges that await many, it’s worth it to take the plunge. However, if you’re purely after gameplay hours, it might feel a tad short.

Table: High On Knife Summary

Gameplay Duration1.5 to 2 hours (main story)
Post-game DurationApprox. 1 hour
Main StoryHelping Knifey locate a package and reconnect with family
Endgame ActivitiesCollectibles hunt, sightseeing, card games, Peroxosquash, slug race
Total Zones3
Collectible PackagesZone 1: 18, Zone 2: 21, Zone 3: 19

In conclusion, High on Knife offers a delightful, albeit short, extension to the beloved High on Life universe. Whether you’re in for the narrative or the post-game content, there’s something for everyone.

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