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Barry Williams Net Worth How Much Money Is Barry Williams Worth?

Barry Williams has achieved incredible success during his life and career – from playing Greg Brady on “The Brady Bunch” to his current performances in Branson, Missouri. So how exactly has this talented actor achieved such greatness since its end? Let’s delve into his life and career further!

Who Is Barry Williams?

Barry Williams, born William Blenkhorn in 1954, began his journey into the limelight at a tender age. By the age of 13, he had made his television debut in “Dragnet 1967”. As an actor during his teens, he took part in various TV shows as guest stars before finding success as Greg Brady in “The Brady Bunch”. This role would become his break.

How Did “The Brady Bunch” Shape His Career?

“The Brady Bunch” was pivotal in Williams’ career, even though it posed both opportunities and challenges. While the show provided him with instant fame and recognition, it also led to typecasting. However, the series’ syndication success solidified its (and Williams’) place in pop culture, even though the cast did not benefit greatly from its syndication.

What Did Williams Do After “The Brady Bunch”?

Post the Brady era, Williams dabbled in various roles on television and found success in musical theater. His Broadway appearance in “Romance/Romance” in 1988 was a testament to his versatility. Williams also authored an autobiography, “Growing Up Brady: I Was A Teenage Greg,” which gave an inside look into his life during the Brady years and was adapted into a TV movie.

How Has Musical Theater Influenced His Career?

Musical theater became a significant part of Williams’ post-Brady career. He toured with renowned productions like “Grease,” “The Sound of Music,” and “Pippin.” Later, Williams crafted a cabaret act that not only entertained audiences but also paid tribute to his past. Today, he continues to charm audiences with his group, Barry Williams and the Traveliers, in Branson, Missouri.

Has Williams Ventured into Other Mediums?

Yes, apart from acting, Williams explored the world of music, even releasing a parody song, “The Real Greg Brady.” He also ventured into radio, hosting “The Real Greg Brady’s Totally ’70s Pop Quiz” on Sirius Satellite Radio.

What’s His Current Role in Branson, Missouri?

For the past decade, Branson, Missouri has been home to Williams. He performs nightly for audiences at a local theater, celebrating the nostalgia of the ’70s. Additionally, he has a show on Sirius/XM’s 70s on 7 channel, further connecting with fans of that era.

How Has Williams’ Personal Life Evolved?

Like many, Williams’ personal life has seen its fair share of ups and downs. He’s been married thrice, with his current wife being Tina Mahina. He has two children, Eric and Samantha, from his second marriage and relationship post the divorce, respectively.

Did Williams Profit from “The Brady Bunch” Syndication?

Interestingly, while “The Brady Bunch” continues to be a popular show in syndication, the cast members, including Williams, do not see significant profits from its continued success. At the peak of the show, each child actor was earning $1,100 per week.

What About Williams’ Real Estate Ventures?

Williams owned an impressive beachfront property in Malibu built by his mother in 1974 that would fetch rent of up to $25,000 per month, before selling it off in 2019 for $5.82 million.

Barry Williams’ journey from a teenage heartthrob to a seasoned actor and performer is truly captivating. Through the highs and lows, his talent has remained undeniable, and his contributions to entertainment, invaluable.

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