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Cris Collinsworth Net Worth What Is Cris Collinsworth Net Worth?

Cris Collinsworth is not only an American ex-footballer; he’s an announcer, entrepreneur and influential figure in the sports industry with an estimated net worth of $25 Million. Collinsworth’s life and career serve as proof of his talent, dedication and keen business acumen.

From NFL Stardom to Broadcasting Fame: How Did Cris Transition?

Collinsworth first found success as a wide receiver with the Cincinnati Bengals during the 80s. However, after eight seasons on their roster he began a broadcasting career on networks such as NBC, Showtime and NFL Network.
While his days on the field were filled with remarkable plays, his tenure behind the mic has proven even more lucrative.

How Much Does Collinsworth Earn as a Broadcaster?

During his active NFL days, Collinsworth was undoubtedly earning a hefty sum. Still, his current career as a color commentator and TV personality has proven to be even more financially rewarding. For many years, Cris enjoyed a salary of $4 million annually. However, with a new contract with NBC in December 2021, his yearly earnings jumped to an impressive $12.5 million.

What are Collinsworth’s Roots?

Anthony Cris Collinsworth was born in Dayton, Ohio, in 1959. Raised by educator parents, his journey took him from Ohio to Melbourne, Florida. It was there at Astronaut High School where he first showcased his athletic prowess. But it was his tenure at the University of Florida that solidified his potential, with standout moments like his record-tying 99-yard touchdown pass.

How Did Collinsworth’s NFL Career Shape Up?

Drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 1981, Cris quickly established himself as a formidable receiver, earning a place in the Pro Bowl three times during his career. With 417 receptions and 36 touchdowns to his name, Collinsworth left an indelible mark on the NFL.

Collinsworth: The Voice of Multiple Sports?

After hanging up his cleats, Collinsworth smoothly transitioned into broadcasting, starting with radio and eventually TV. While best known for his NFL insights, did you know he also covered a range of sports, including tennis and even the Olympics?

What is Pro Football Focus and How is Collinsworth Involved?

Beyond his entertainment career, Collinsworth dived into the analytical side of sports with Pro Football Focus (PFF). This service, owned by Cris, offers advanced statistics and in-depth analysis of both the NFL and college football. Following a significant investment from Silver Lake Partners in September 2021, PFF’s value and influence in the sports industry continue to grow.

What Do We Know About Collinsworth’s Personal Life?

Life off the field and away from the cameras is spent in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, where Cris resides with his wife Holly and their four children. One of them, notably, has followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a notable football player himself and even captaining the Notre Dame team.

Is Real Estate Also on Collinsworth’s Portfolio?

Indeed! In 2000, Cris and Holly embarked on a real estate venture, purchasing a 5-acre property in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. This investment blossomed into a mini-compound, complete with a luxurious 7,000 square-foot main home and several amenities. This property, in today’s market, could be valued around $2 million.

Cris Collinsworth has built his career and life on passion, perseverance and taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. Whatever his future brings for him in sports broadcasting and beyond, one thing remains certain – Collinsworth will remain an unforgettable figure in sports coverage.

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