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Damian Lillard Net Worth:Married, Family, Height, Salary, Relationships & More!

Damian Lillard: The NBA’s Big Game Dame of the Portland Trail Blazers has recently made waves both on and off of the court, garnering praise for his phenomenal skills, impressive earnings, and private life that are keeping fans up at night. Fans are curious to explore every facet of Lillard’s existence; from his impressive skillset to incredible earnings. Fans eagerly follow every aspect of Lillard’s life. Let’s delve into the life of the NBA star nicknamed “Big Game Dame.”

Real Facts

Full NameDamian Lillard
BirthdateJuly 15, 1990
BirthplaceOakland, United States
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Current TeamPortland Trail Blazers
PositionPoint Guard
Salary (2022)$27,977,689
Net Worth (2022)$115 Million
Tattoo“O” on his left arm
FiancéeKay’La Hanson
ResidencePortland, Oregon

Who Is Damian Lillard?

Damian Lillard began his journey to NBA stardom during high school days. Having attended numerous schools before finally finding himself at Oakland High School where his basketball prowess became evident early. Weber State University offered a scholarship opportunity, leading Lillard eventually be chosen 6th overall by Portland Trail Blazers during 2012 NBA draft; an important decision which ultimately set in motion his success as one of its stars.

How Has Lillard Impacted the NBA?

In his rookie year itself, Damian clinched the prestigious Rookie of the Year award. Since that time, he has earned five All-Star selections with his clutch shots; fans often marvel at them; particularly at his signature ‘at-the-buzzer’ finishers that fans love so much. His impact cannot be overstated as an integral component in Trail Blazer history.

What About Lillard’s Musical Pursuits?

Away from the basketball court, Damian is a passionate hip-hop artist. He has already released several albums and is known for expressing his views and life experiences through his music.

Does Lillard Have Any Tattoos?

Yes, the Oakland native has a significant tattoo on his left arm – the letter “O”. Representing his journey from Oakland to Ogden to Oregon, this tattoo carries a deep meaning for the NBA star.

Who Is In Lillard’s Life?

Damian’s fiancée, Kay’La Hanson, is often in the limelight with him. The duo shares a beautiful bond, evident in their photographs. Apart from Kay’La, Damian is also close to his father, Houston, who, despite his athletic shorts faux pas, remains a significant influence in his life.

What Does Lillard Drive?

While many NBA stars flaunt their luxurious cars, Damian has taken a different route. Instead of purchasing expensive vehicles, he’s invested in a car dealership. Smart move, isn’t it?

Where Does The NBA Star Live?

Damian Lillard lives in an elegant yet rustic house located in Portland, Oregon. While details regarding interior decorating remains private, it’s evident that Lillard enjoys life’s finer pleasures.

Damian Lillard has established himself as an individual who excels at both athletics and arts – something which remains evident today as his journey is still ongoing.


  • When was Damian Lillard born?
  • July 15, 1990.
  • Which NBA team does Lillard play for?
  • The Portland Trail Blazers.
  • What is Lillard’s net worth?
  • As of 2022, it’s approximately $115 Million.
  • Does Damian Lillard have tattoos?
  • Yes, notably the letter “O” on his left arm.

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