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Jordan Costa Obituary What Happened To Jordan Costa?

On October 31, 2023, Jordan Costa’s battle with pancreatic cancer came to an end.At 34, Jordan brought light, love, inspiration and support into every corner of life that crossed his path. Not just his son or brother he touched – Jordan provided positive vibes all throughout life with every encounter! He left an indelible mark upon each person that crossed his path he encountered – whether as teammate, classmate or friend.

What Impact Did Jordan Costa Leave on His Community?

Jordan’s legacy is a resonant force of positive influence. His impact extends beyond his personal and professional relationships into the wider community. He is remembered for his radiant spirit and the genuine connections he fostered, always putting others before himself and offering support wherever he could.

How is Jordan Costa’s Memory Being Honored?

In the wake of Jordan’s passing, his cousin Alexa Costa has established a GoFundMe campaign to honor his memory. This campaign aims to fulfill one of Jordan’s heartfelt wishes by creating a scholarship in his name. The message of the campaign reflects the profound loss felt by those who knew Jordan and the intent to preserve his legacy through a meaningful tribute.

What is the Jordan Costa Scholarship?

The Jordan Costa Scholarship is a beacon of Jordan’s lasting legacy, created to support future generations of student athletes. It’s an embodiment of his love for athletics and his commitment to nurturing young talent. Set up at his alma mater, St. Aloysius Gonzaga High School, the scholarship aims to provide financial support to students who share the same passion and values that Jordan held dear.

Who Will Benefit from the Jordan Costa Scholarship?

This scholarship seeks to award $2,000 each year over five years to one male and one female student athletes who exemplify Jordan’s qualities of determination, sportsmanship, leadership and community spirit that were integral for his success as an athlete.

What Criteria Will Be Used to Select the Scholarship Recipients?

Recipients of the Jordan Costa Scholarship will be chosen based on their embodiment of Jordan’s most cherished qualities. The selection will focus not only on athletic ability but also on the character of the student athletes, their leadership potential, and their dedication to the community.

How Has Jordan Costa’s Family Reacted to the Outpouring of Support?

The Costa family, including M De Lourdes Leal, another of Jordan’s cousins, has expressed profound gratitude for the support and contributions to the scholarship fund. They believe this initiative will keep Jordan’s spirit alive, ensuring that his love for athletics and his altruistic nature continue to inspire and support young athletes.

Why Was Coaching and Mentoring Important to Jordan Costa?

Jordan’s passion for athletics was intertwined with his dedication to coaching and mentoring young athletes. He saw sports as a way to build character and to inst

Jordan Costa: A Legacy Beyond the Game

How Did Jordan Costa’s Battle with Pancreatic Cancer Shape His Legacy?

Jordan Costa was known for displaying courage, love, and an undying commitment to making positive contributions through life despite numerous setbacks – characteristics reflected throughout his courageous fight with pancreatic cancer that is still inspiring today at 34. Though Jordan succumbed at just 34, his legacy lives on in his actions that continue to encourage and influence today.

What Drives the Establishment of the Jordan Costa Scholarship?

In remembrance of Jordan’s life, a scholarship has been founded to encapsulate his spirit and to provide support for future generations of student athletes. This initiative, driven by the desire to honor Jordan’s memory, is a testament to his life’s dedication to sport and mentorship, and reflects one of his dearest aspirations.

Who Was Jordan Costa Beyond His Illness?

Jordan Costa was a multifaceted individual whose identity extended far beyond his illness.His many roles as a loving son, an outstanding big brother, a loyal friend, a hardworking teammate and dedicated teacher only scratch the surface of what made an impressionful mark he left on others’ lives. But who was this remarkable individual at heart and what can we learn from how he lived his life?

How Will the Jordan Costa Scholarship Make a Difference?

The Jordan Costa Scholarship, established at St. Aloysius Gonzaga High School, is more than financial assistance; it’s a beacon of hope and a tool for empowerment. With the goal of aiding one male and one female student athlete annually, how will this scholarship carry on Jordan’s legacy, and what does it seek to instill in its recipients?

What Criteria Define a Jordan Costa Scholarship Recipient?

The scholarship aims to honor students who mirror the qualities that Jordan held dear. In what ways will these students be expected to demonstrate the same passion for athletics, commitment to education, and dedication to community service that Jordan exemplified throughout his life?

How Has Jordan Costa’s Memory Been Preserved by His Loved Ones?

Jordan’s cousin, Alexa Costa, initiated a GoFundMe campaign to honor his legacy, but she’s not the only one keeping his memory alive. M De Lourdes Leal shared a heartfelt tribute on social media. How have these efforts helped to preserve the essence of Jordan’s spirit, and what do they reveal about his impact on those he loved?

What Role Did Sports Play in Jordan Costa’s Life?

Jordan’s love for athletics went beyond personal passion; it was his way of connecting with and guiding others. As a coach and mentor, his influence transcended the playing field. How did his involvement in sports inform his approach to life and his interactions with the young athletes he mentored?

In What Ways Will Jordan Costa’s Spirit Continue to Inspire?

The establishment of the Jordan Costa Scholarship is a beautiful testament to Jordan’s life, but his inspiration reaches further. Through the stories of those he touched and the positive changes he made, how will Jordan continue to influence the world around him, even after his passing?

In the proposed 800-word article, these questions would be addressed in detail, painting a vivid picture of Jordan Costa’s life and legacy. The narrative would explore his character, his battle with pancreatic cancer, his impact on his community, and the living testament of the scholarship created in his memory. The article would honor Jordan not only as a victim of a tragic illness but as a hero who lived a life full of purpose, love, and an undying commitment to uplifting others.

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