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Michael Johnson Net Worth Age, Biography, Career, Achievement, Nationality, Height And Weight & More

Michael Johnson, as of October 25, 2023, boasts an impressive net worth of at least $4 million. Serving as the Chairman & interim CEO of Herbalife Ltd, Johnson holds approximately 275,062 shares of the company, valuing over $4 million. His financial endeavors and significant holdings in Herbalife Ltd are noteworthy, given the company’s reach and prominence in the nutrition sector.

How Deeply is Michael Johnson Invested in Herbalife Ltd?

Michael Johnson’s association with Herbalife Ltd is more than just a titular one. Based on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, Johnson has reported ownership of only one company: Herbalife Ltd. This exclusive focus hints at his confidence and commitment towards the growth and potential of Herbalife.

What Are Michael Johnson’s Recent Trading Activities?

Delving into the Form 4 filings provided by the SEC, Michael Johnson’s trading activities have been considerably limited but impactful. Over the past 5 years, he has engaged in two significant transactions pertaining to Herbalife Ltd: both being acquisitions. His most recent purchase, dated December 9, 2022, saw him procuring 19,675 shares for an approximate expenditure of $249,676.

How Does Michael Johnson’s Trading Performance Compare?

GuruFocus provides a fascinating insight into Johnson’s trading efficacy. Stocks bought by him have, on average, yielded a 30.25% return after a mere 3 months. Furthermore, when juxtaposed with the S&P 500 benchmark, Johnson’s stock performance stands tall. In the same 3-month window, his buys have consistently outperformed the market benchmark in all three instances.

Unraveling Herbalife Ltd: What Do They Offer?

Herbalife Ltd distinguishes itself as a globally recognized nutrition company, reaching consumers in 95 diverse markets. Adopting a direct-selling approach, their offerings span from weight management, targeted nutrition, Energy, Sports, and Fitness products to Outer Nutrition and other promotional literature. The majority of their revenue influx stems from weight management products, with a geographical segmentation spanning North America, Mexico, South and Central America, EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and China.

Who Orchestrates Operations at Herbalife Ltd?

While Michael Johnson stands at the helm as the CEO, Herbalife’s operations are overseen by several other noteworthy stakeholders. Some key figures include the 10 percent owners Windacre General Partner Lp, Wapgp Llc, and Windacre Partnership Master Fund, Lp.

What’s the Insider Trading Landscape at Herbalife Ltd?

Insider transactions over the past 18 months shed light on the company’s dynamics. Michael Johnson has made two insider transactions, with a net purchase of 25,515 shares. Other recent insider activities involve net purchases by Donal L Mulligan, Alan W Lefevre, and John Tartol. However, a broader perspective reveals that in the past 18 months, while 211,604 shares were sold by insiders, 168,055 shares were acquired, leading to a net sale of 43,549 shares.

How Can One Reach Out to Michael Johnson?

For individuals or entities looking to establish communication with Michael Johnson, he can be contacted via the mailing address: C/o Herbalife International, Inc., 1800 Century Park East, Los Angeles, CA 90067.

Deciphering Michael Johnson’s Association with Herbalife Ltd

Michael Johnson’s deep-rooted association with Herbalife Ltd, both in a leadership capacity and as a significant shareholder, underlines his belief in the company’s mission and potential. His recent insider trades further reiterate his conviction in Herbalife’s growth trajectory. As Herbalife continues its journey in the nutrition and wellness domain, stakeholders and market analysts will keenly observe Johnson’s moves, which often serve as a barometer for the company’s future prospects.

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