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Mike Lindell Net Worth: How Much Does my Pillow Make a Year?

Mike Lindell: The Rise, Fall, and Politics of MyPillow’s CEO Mike Lindell, the man behind the popular MyPillow brand, has experienced a roller coaster of success, controversy, and politics. From humble beginnings in carpet cleaning to his allegiance with former U.S. President Donald Trump, Lindell’s journey is both fascinating and divisive.

Mike Lindell’s Net Worth Timeline

YearEventNet Worth
2000Before MyPillow$6 Million
2005MyPillow’s Initial Growth$22 Million
2010Expansion of MyPillow$51 Million
2015Peak of MyPillow’s Success$72 Million
2023After Legal Settlements & Controversies$40 Million

How Did Mike Lindell Begin His Entrepreneurial Journey?

Lindell first ventured into business as an early carpet cleaner and bar owner before creating MyPillow in 2004 – revolutionizing bedding industry through open cell poly-foam pillow with his revolutionary open cell construction.

What Was the Secret Behind MyPillow’s Success?

Thanks to its unique design offering both comfort and support, MyPillow quickly gained popularity. Soon, Mike Lindell expanded the company’s product lineup, adding sheets, mattress toppers and other bedding products. Thanks to this growth, his net worth increased drastically – moving quickly from just under one hundred thousand dollars in just a few short years into multimillions!

How Did Politics Impact Mike Lindell’s Fortune?

Lindell’s political affiliation with Donald Trump and the Republican Party shifted the narrative around him and his brand. Initially, supporting Trump led to a surge in sales, but things took a downturn after Lindell made contentious remarks regarding the 2020 Presidential Election results. Major retailers, including Bed Bath & Beyond, began delisting MyPillow, affecting its market standing.

What Legal Troubles Did Lindell Face?

After the 2020 elections, Lindell was embroiled in legal disputes, mainly due to his unsubstantiated claims about election fraud. These allegations resulted in lawsuits from voting machine companies, significant settlement fees, and restrictions on his social media activity.

What Has Lindell Done Outside of Business and Politics?

Lindell stands out among his controversial peers by being both charitable and open about his past struggles. Through the Lindell Foundation he supports numerous worthy causes from addiction recovery to disaster relief relief, using his platform as an advocate. He’s spoken openly of his former struggles with crack cocaine use which inspired his foundation’s establishment and has used that advocacy platform for recovery and rehabilitation initiatives.

What Does the Future Hold for Mike Lindell and MyPillow?

While Mike Lindell’s net worth has seen fluctuations due to his political affiliations and legal entanglements, he remains a formidable figure in the business world. MyPillow, despite the boycotts and controversy, is still operational and widely recognized in the industry.


How much is Mike Lindell worth in 2023?

As of 2023, Mike Lindell’s net worth is estimated at $40 Million.

How much is MyPillow worth?

MyPillow’s current estimated net worth is $390 Million.

What percentage of MyPillow does Lindell own?

Mike Lindell holds an 8% equity stake in MyPillow.

Has Lindell faced legal issues?

Yes, Lindell has faced numerous legal challenges, especially concerning his comments about the 2020 Election, leading to settlement fees exceeding $20 million.

What are Lindell’s philanthropic efforts?

Lindell has established the Lindell Foundation, which contributes to various charitable causes, including addiction recovery and disaster relief initiatives.

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