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Patrick Mahomes Net Worth How Rich Is Patrick Mahomes Now?

Patrick Mahomes of Tyler, Texas emerged as one of the NFL’s brightest stars from three-star college recruit. At Texas Tech he quickly established himself as an outstanding athlete, shattering records and leaving an indelible mark on football lore. But it was in the NFL where Mahomes truly blossomed as a top quarterback and quickly rose through its ranks.

How Did Mahomes Begin His Professional Journey?

Patrick Mahomes was selected as the 10th overall draft pick by the Kansas City Chiefs for 2017 NFL Draft and quickly made an impression by setting several records during his early years. By 2020, he led them to their first Super Bowl win since 1967 – then followed that success up with another triumphant Super Bowl triumph four years later! In 2023 he cemented his place among elite players.

What Makes His Contracts Record-Breaking?

Starting with a fully guaranteed $16.2 million rookie deal in 2017, Mahomes quickly proved his worth. Mahomes truly broke the bank in 2020 when he signed a 10-year extension contract worth up to $503 million, becoming the first athlete in sports history to secure half a billion-dollar contracts. Of that total sum, $477 million in guaranteed mechanisms were included along with $140 million as protection against injury; evidence that shows the Chiefs clearly view Mahomes as their franchise’s future leader.

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