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Prasad Vedpathak Net Worth How Much Is Prasad Vedpathak Worth?

In the bustling city of Mumbai, Prasad Vedpathak, widely known as “Ur Indian Consumer” on YouTube, stands out as a beacon for consumers seeking guidance on their rights. With a subscriber count exceeding 1.21 million, Prasad’s channel, “Ur Indian Consumer,” educates individuals on how to address violations related to consumer products and services. But did you know he also runs two other channels?

What Other Channels Does Prasad Operate?

Beyond “Ur Indian Consumer,” Prasad also dedicates time to “UIC vlogs” and “UIC gaming.” With 417k followers on UIC vlogs, he shares glimpses of his lifestyle and delectable food vlogs. UIC gaming, on the other hand, has cultivated a community of 18.5k gaming enthusiasts where he live-streams gaming sessions.

Who Makes Up Prasad Vedpathak’s Family?

Prasad often mentions that he sees his subscribers as his extended family. However, in his personal life, he is surrounded by his parents, wife, and brother. Deepika Prasad Vedpathak, his wife, is also a YouTuber who delves into the sweet world of baking on her channel “Deepika Bakes.” Deepraj Vedpathak, Prasad’s brother, brings life hacks, fashion tips, and lifestyle vlogs to his subscribers on his channel, “DeepLife.”

When Was Prasad Vedpathak Born?

Marking his birthplace as Mumbai, Maharashtra, Prasad Vedpathak was born on 6 June 1988. As of 2021, he celebrates 32 years of life, wisdom, and experience.

What Drives Prasad Vedpathak’s Business Ventures?

While many recognize Prasad as a full-time YouTuber, few know that he has successfully ventured into the clothing industry with his trademarked brand, “ZIDD.” Additionally, he navigates the world of stock market trading, offering guidance to his followers. Interestingly, Prasad had an engineering career which he abandoned, choosing to chase after his true passions.

How Much Does Prasad Vedpathak Earn from YouTube?

Estimating the earnings of a YouTuber, especially one who runs multiple channels like Prasad, can be a daunting task. Earnings fluctuate based on numerous factors. However, data from Socialblade.com provides some insight into his monthly and yearly earnings.

What Is Prasad Vedpathak’s Estimated Net Worth?

Although there’s no official record detailing all of Prasad’s business ventures and incomes, based on the available data, we can make an educated guess. Currently, Prasad Vedpathak’s estimated net worth ranges from Rs 72 lakh to an astounding Rs 7 crore.

Was There a Controversy Between Prasad Vedpathak and Mumbiker Nikhil?

Friendships in the digital world are not devoid of controversies. Prasad and Mumbiker Nikhil once shared a warm friendship. However, tensions arose when Mumbiker Nikhil endorsed a brand using the tagline “ZIDD.” Prasad, having trademarked “ZIDD” for his clothing brand, objected to Nikhil’s endorsement. Despite Prasad’s concerns, Nikhil continued to promote the brand, leading to a rift between the two.

Prasad Vedpathak, with his multiple YouTube channels, business ventures, and influential role in the consumer rights community, remains a prominent figure in the digital realm. His journey, dotted with successes, controversies, and dedication, serves as inspiration for many. Whether you’re seeking guidance on consumer rights, lifestyle content, or gaming streams, Prasad Vedpathak’s diverse channels offer something for everyone.

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