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Capri Anderson On Night With Charlie Sheen

Capri Anderson On Night With Charlie Sheen – It would seem that Charlie Sheen is having a difficult time distancing himself from the bad-boy image he has recently garnered.

Although he made headlines last month after he reportedly trashed a hotel room that he was staying in while visiting New York City, a woman who was with him in the room that night recently came forward to talk about her experience with Sheen.

Capri Anderson is a model, who recently went public with her version of what happened in the hotel room that night, saying, “He was, from the beginning of the night, very loud and he had no hesitations when it came to using derogatory language or cuss words. But it wasn’t until he put his hands around my neck that I really though to myself, ‘You have gotten yourself a bad, bad situation.’”

She then continued with her account, saying, “It’s not right to hurt people. It’s not right to scare people. It’s not right to carry in with such disregard for the people around you.”

Sheen has recently said that the allegations against him have been blown out of proportion as opposed to what really happened.

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