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Japanese Rain Goggles On Two and A Half Men

Japanese Rain Goggles On Two and A Half Men – After “Japanese Rain Goggles” were mentioned on an episode of the hit TV show “Two and a Half Men”, it become some of what a big search item on Google. It was no surprise that given the context it was used in, people thought it was a new dirty term, which explains why there were so many searches for it, but that wasn’t the case.

The truth is that despite all of the searching online, Japanese rain goggles do not actually exist. The term was first used on the show when Charlie Sheen’s character hooked up with an ex-girlfriend played by Jenny McCarthy who was out for his money, and while it was mentioned as being a part of their sex life, it doesn’t really mean anything apparently.

As thousands of people all over the country tried to search for the term “Japanese rain goggles”, they couldn’t really find much of anything. Apparently the term has never been used before, in a sexual or non-sexual context. Now it is quickly becoming a question of whether or not this hot new term is going to take on a meaning and popularity of its own.

There has certainly been stranger internet phenomenons out there which can spawn just as quickly as this one. New words, phrases, and terms are being thought of and spread around like wildlife all the time, and this might just be the next one.What is your definition of “Japanese rain goggles”?

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