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Kate Gosselin Kids Not Expelled

Kate Gosselin Kids Not Expelled – Kate Gosselin said that her children were not in fact expelled from their schools as a report earlier this month stated. She does however admit that they are now being homeschooled because the stress of their new environment was simply too much for them to handle.

The star of the reality TV show Kate Plus 8 and mother says that her kids were in no way forced from the school and are now happily getting their education at home. She says that only two of her children are learning from home with the best tutors that work with them closely on all of the subjects they are expected to learn.

The 35 year-old Gosselin says that her decision to home school them came after she discovered the stress they were feeling from being in school along with the anger from the divorce that their parents are currently going through.

Although Gosselin did not comment on how her children are currently doing with being homeschooled, she did deny any rumors or statements which claimed that they had been expelled from their school. She also said that the holidays have been peaceful and so far no problems have arisen from any of her children’s living or school situations.

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