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Mike The Situation Sorrentino Gay?

Some controversy, if it can be called that at any serious level, now surrounds Jersey Shore cast member Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino after former cast member Angelina Pivarnick, who was first kicked off and then left the show, accused him of being gay.

Pivarnick based her accusation on the way she saw “The Situation” treat women on the show. Linking his abuse of women to his sexuality may not have been the best thing for Pivarnick to do.

The entire show glorifies the exploitation of women. Hearing Snooki talk about “getting it in” is not likely to please her father. It ultimately affects her reputation as being someone who is very promiscuous.

MTV has really taken it to new levels with the show, which openly discusses some of the hook-ups that the cast members have taken part in.

If “The Situation” is gay for subjugating women, then every member of the cast is gay, for reasons other than the fact that they constantly or put hours into their eccentric hair do’s.

Angelina is more than likely just bitter about her own hook-up with “The Situation,” which was detailed on the show. It looks like, in this case, “The Situation” might have the last laugh on Angelina, who needs some form of attention after leaving the show.

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