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Violet King Henry Cause Of Death Who Is Violet King Henry?

Born on October 18, 1929, in Calgary, Alberta, Violet King Henry remains a name etched in Canadian history. She was not just an individual who succeeded against the odds; she was a beacon for many, a voice against racial prejudice, and an advocate for change. Hailing from a family that migrated from the Southern US as part of the Great Migration, Violet’s story starts from a profound desire for better opportunities.

Why Is She Significant in Canadian History?

Violet’s significance is multi-fold. First, she was Alberta’s first Black woman lawyer, and the first Black person in Alberta to earn a Law Degree. But her significance didn’t stop at educational or professional achievements. She was an embodiment of resilience in a society marred by racial prejudice. By breaking racial barriers, she opened doors and paved ways for future Black lawyers and professionals in Canada. Her journey serves as a testament to what determination, education, and a vision for equality can achieve.

Where Did Violet King Henry Begin Her Professional Journey?

After completing her law degree from the University of Alberta in 1953, Violet started her illustrious career in Ottawa around 1956. Here, she joined the federal civil service, undertaking pivotal roles in Citizenship and Immigration Canada. It was a period of significant transformation as Canada was beginning to tackle systemic racism head-on, championed by figures like Ellen Fairclough, the first woman member of the cabinet.

What Were Violet’s Contributions in the United States?

By 1963, Violet expanded her horizons and moved to the United States. Here, she held executive positions with the YW/YMCA in various cities, including Newark and Chicago. Her work predominantly involved aiding African Americans in finding employment, reinforcing her commitment to uplifting communities. In 1976, she showcased her leadership prowess by becoming the Executive Director of the national Council of YMCA’s Organisational Development Group.

When Did Violet King Henry Pass Away?

Violet’s untimely demise came on March 30, 1982. She was in New York and was just 52 years old. While her death was a significant loss, her legacy did not wane. Just before her passing, she marked another achievement, becoming the first woman ever to hold a senior management position at an American national YMCA branch.

How Is Violet King Henry Remembered Today?

Violet’s legacy is profound and enduring. In 2022, the University of Alberta paid tribute by instituting the “Violet King Henry Law School Award.” This scholarship aims to support Black students, encapsulating Violet’s lifelong dedication to education and racial equality. Violet’s life remains a beacon, reminding everyone of the monumental change that determination coupled with a vision for equality can bring. Whether through her empowering speeches or professional achievements, she continually advocated for a society where everyone, regardless of their racial background, can thrive.

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