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Mean Girls 2 On ABC Family

Last night ABC Family decided to air the sequel to the highly popular 2004 movie Mean Girls which launched Lindsay Lohan’s career.

Despite being called Mean Girls 2 the two films had little in common other than the fact that Tim Meadows who played Principal Duvall in the original teenage flick reprised his role in the made-for-TV movie.

The Melanie Mayron-directed teen drama focused on the the new girl Jo Mitchell, a tomboy played by Meaghan Jette Martin who arrived at North Shore High School during her senior year.

Jo who was having some financial issues had one goal- lay low and survive this last year without getting in any kind trouble and avoid getting dragged into the typical cliche high school activities.

But her plan was quickly squashed after meeting Abby Hanover (played by Jennifer Stone), a poor, rich and socially awkward girl who was forced to partake in numerous school activities and was the perfect target of the mean girls dubbed “The Plastics” (Maiara Walsh, Claire Holt and Nicole Gale Anderson).

After Abby got food tossed at her in the cafeteria by the queen bee and the plastics, Jo helped her out and got entangl in a drama that she hoped to avoid.

Jo spend the entire movie trying to get out of the tangled web which consisted of feuding with the plastics, getting paid to be Abby’s friend and falling for Tyler, played by Diego Gonzalez Boneta who just happened to be Mandy’s half brother.

Due to a bad script, not too talented actors and lack of funny moments we would have to say it was a mediocre movie.

But then again,the film was not put together in hopes of receiving some fancy award – it had one goal – entertain those who watched it – and it achieved that simple goal.

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